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Fifty years ago the first issue of the art magazine Arte was published and to celebrate this important achievement a special collector's issue has been released this month. Emilio Isgrò has realized the cover for the occasion.

More than 240 pages that cover the last five decades of artistic research in Italy.
The special collector's issue is composed of seven sections, each for one particular decade and one of them is dedicated to to female artists, a confirmation of the strong representation of women inside contemporary art's world. As always there are the columns dedicated to the exhibitions in Italy and abroad, to photography, to the art market, to investements, to art fairs, to books. 

“The first fifty years of our magazine, as evidenced by 567 issues realesed, coincide with a crucial and exciting time for the artistic research. – explains the director, Michele Bonuomo – It's exactly what we wanted to tell in this special issue, highlighting the changes, the trends and the protagonists that, decade after decade, marked the passage between 20th and 21st century.
The history of the contemporary art's latest fifty years is also the history of Arte”.

Emilio Isgrò
cover of Arte Cairo Editore, special collector edition 
November 2020