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Nitsch Museum in Naples offers for the biennium 2020-2022 a brand new cycle of artworks by the Master of Viennese Actionism. From the 25th September 2020 the "Action Relics" will be exhibited, realized by Hermann Nitsch in 2018 on the occasion of the ten years of the museum, together with a never shown before collection of paintings and drawings.

The exhibition opening will be preceded by 158.aktion with symphony “Napoli 2020”, that will be played by 26 musicians from Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti conducted by Andrea Cusumano.

The music is always been integral part of the total art conception carried out by Nitsch as early as 1957 through his Orgien Mysterien Theater (Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries).

During his stay in Naples, in the days before the exhibit, the artist will realize new paintings in line with his last chromatic research inspired by the radiance of flowers, exemplified by one of his latest shows Hermann Nitsch. New Works on display until the 25th April 2021 at Nitsch Museum in Mistelbach.

Hermann Nitsch 
Sinfonia Napoli 2020
Opening 25 September 10.00 am
Exhibition 25 September 2020- 24 September 2022
Museo Hermann Nitsch Napoli
Vico Lungo Pontecorvo, 29/d
80135 Naples
Opening hours: Monday- Friday 10.00 am — 7.00 pm