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Daniel Spoerri, Python with Tiger Head, 2012

The general direction and staff of the Naturhistorische Museum Wien of Vienna wish to Daniel Spoerri a happy ninetieth birthday, that the Swiss artist will celebrate the next 27th of March.

The Swiss artist collaborated with the Viennese museum's staff in 2012 for the realization of the solo exhibition Ein inkompetenter Dialog?, Daniel Spoerri im Naturhistorischen Museum Vienna ("Daniel Spoerri in the Natural History Museum - an incompetent dialogue?"), during which Spoerri engaged the museum staff in a not conventional dialogue and combined his artistic work with his passion for collectionism.

For over a year, the artist had the chance to explore and visit the vast storage rooms, repositories and the museum's halls with their huge amount of objects. So Spoerri discovered extraordinary objects which inspired him to create new artworks, such as Python with Tiger Head, now exhibited inside the museum in the hall dedicated to snakes.

Daniel Spoerri
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