Mauro Fiorese. Treasure Rooms

From 04/04/2019 To 22/09/2019
Fiorese Mauro
Exhibition's curator Beatrice Benedetti, Patrizia Nuzzo


Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man

From 02/03/2018 To 01/11/2018
Liu Bolin
Exhibition's curator Raffaele Gavarro


Back to Italy

From 20/10/2017 To 10/05/2018
Liu Bolin

Rearranging the world

From 15/10/2017 To 31/01/2018
Spoerri Daniel
Exhibition's curator Marco Bazzini



From 23/01/2016 To 23/01/2017
Liu Bolin

Hermann Nitsch and the Theatre

From 15/10/2016 To 08/01/2017
Nitsch Hermann
Exhibition's curator Hubert Klocker


2x10 Ten artists for our 20-year birthday

From 03/10/2015 To 31/01/2016
Cingolani Marco, Facco Andrea, Fiorese Mauro, Gao Brothers, Liu Bolin, Mastrovito Andrea, Nitsch Hermann, Sabella Steve

Here The Dreamers Sleep

From 20/02/2015 To 17/07/2015
Mastrovito Andrea
Exhibition's curator Eugenio Viola, Marco Bazzini


Steve Sabella. Archaeology of the Future

From 08/10/2014 To 16/11/2014
Sabella Steve
Exhibition's curator Karin Adrian von Roques

Fade in Italy

From 13/05/2014 To 21/05/2014
Liu Bolin


Modello Italia (2013 - 1964)

From 20/06/2013 To 06/10/2013
Isgrò Emilio
Exhibition's curator Angela Rorro


A Secret Tour

From 13/09/2012 To 11/11/2012
Liu Bolin
Exhibition's curator Raffaele Gavarro

64th Malaktion (Painting-Action)

From 02/10/2012 To 07/10/2012
Nitsch Hermann


The Constitution Deleted

From 27/11/2010 To 28/03/2011
Isgrò Emilio
Exhibition's curator Marco Bazzini

Hiding in Italy

From 24/04/2010 To 30/06/2010
Liu Bolin


Behind the altar of Hermann Nitsch

From 21/11/2009 To 31/01/2010
Nitsch Hermann
Exhibition's curator Danilo Eccher

Journeys of faith

From 21/07/2009 To 30/05/2009
Cingolani Marco
Exhibition's curator Beatrice Benedetti, Pia Capelli


Waiting for Beijing

From 01/03/2008 To 10/03/2009
Facco Andrea
Exhibition's curator Luca Beatrice

Hide and seek

From 08/11/2008 To 10/01/2009
Liu Bolin
Exhibition's curator Francesca Tarocco

Tattoo Dimension

From 07/06/2008 To 31/07/2008
Kim Joon
Exhibition's curator Dooeun Choi


Hermann Nitsch

From 06/10/2007 To 30/11/2007
Nitsch Hermann
Exhibition's curator Danilo Eccher