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The 4th of June will be the 45th Feast of Pentecost at Schloss of Prinzendorf.

The association supporting the was founded in 1973, this year was also the beginning of the annual tradition of Hermann Nitsch celebrating the Feast of Pentecost. Initially, only a small circle of 50 to 80 people came. In the recent years 400 to 500 people have visited this meanwhile legendary festival.

This year there are even two jubilees to celebrate: the 45th anniversary of the Feast of Pentecost and the 10th anniversary of the nitsch museum. Therefore there will be a double event as usual at the Pentecost weekend with the opening of the new exhibition at the nitsch museum in Mistelbach on Saturday, 3rd of June and the Feast of Pentecost on Sunday, 4th of June in Prinzendorf. Further information and registration for the bus shuttle service at

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IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery has the great pleasure of hosting the exhibition Hermann Nitsch Celebrating life, from 30th April to 18th June, curated by Beatrice Benedetti, Georgeta Olimpia Bera e Walter Bonomi.  This exhibition shows the beginnings of “performance art” of Hermann Nitsch, in fact his artwork is based on the confrontation between artist and material, entailing the live presence of the human figure, scarified animals and verdant elements. Nitsch developed these artistic means of exteriorization in the form of a dynamic opus magnum carried out under the name “Orgien Mysterien Theater” (OMT).

The showing hosted by the Gallery IAGA is based on a curatorial work focusing on a video/photographic retrospective of the Gesamtkunstwerk and a joined presentation of Hermann Nitsch’s most emblematic work, documented by the artist as a testimony of the period in which these actions took place.

The present showing at Cluj is the result of a tight and lingering collaboration between the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery, BoxArt Gallery of Verona (Italy) and the artist’s Atelier in Prinzendorf, Austria. The exhibition inaugurates on 30 April am 18:00.


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From 21 April to 17 June 2017 Emilio Isgrò will for the first time in Paris with a retrospective that Milan has moved to London before arriving in the French capital.

Great innovator of artistic language has become famous for its "erasures", created to reveal text fragments that contribute to the creation of the so called "visual poetry", defined in 1966 by the artist as General Art.

The protagonist of the show is the installation of the erasure of the Encyclopedia Britannica, consisting of 24 volumes, with which the artist wants to erase the culture as mere scholarship searching for the ultimate freedom. The exhibition also presents a monumental installation created especially for the exhibition: The light of freedom, 2017.


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Saturday 8 April at 18:00 opens the exhibition ART against corruption at Casa Testori, chaired by Carlo Maria Pinardi. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the issue of corruption as concerns Italy directly, which covers one of the lowest position about how corruption affects the happiness of people, according to the recent Report issued by the ONU World Happiness.

The active membership of different artists including: Emilio Isgrò, Mimmo Paladino, Corrado Levi and many others, demonstrates how this problem is felt very close. The exhibition investigates the phenomenon on the implication that it has in people's daily lives. Emilio Isgrò protagonist of one of the meetings held at the Teatro Franco Parenti (with the Prosecutor Franco Greco), brings home Testori one of his most emblematic works from the perspective of civil message: the Constitution has been deleted.

Casa Testori, Novate Milanese (MI) 9, Italy

April 8th – June 4th 2017

Tuesday – Friday 14:00-18:00

Saturday and Sunday 15:00-20:00



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Saturday, March 25 at 18:00 1979-1988  inaugurates Alphabeta at the Palazzo Santa Margherita in Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena. The exhibition takes its name from the famous cultural magazine Alfabeta and is dedicated to 66 artist proofs made by 49 authors.

The group of works on paper, including drawings, collages, graphics and photographs, were among the first to be captured by the Civic Art Gallery of Modena collection in the late 1980s, following the closure magazine, looks like a precious and rare insight into what has been a major cultural phenomenon, driven by the spirit of the neo-avant-garde.

The exhibition is open with free entrance from 25th of March to 7th May from Wednesday to Friday 10.30-13.00 16.00-19.30. On Saturday and Sunday 10.30-19.30.


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Bergamo Fil Meeting in collaboration with The Blank realises two importants appointments focused on contemporary art and film making from 11st  to 19th March 2017.

Franco Vaccari, one of the most important italian artist of the contemporary language, set up the enviromental video inastallation in Real time display n. 45  at the Porta S. Agostino and place outside of the space the installation The electronic beggar. For Real-time display n. 45, continuing a search based on the involvement and sharing, Franco Vaccari has invited some of Bergamo artists to create the couches in front of the projection of the shelters in which to rest and dream, developed according to their respective languages ‚Äč‚Äčand poetry . The artists will carry ten unpublished sculptures-bed, especially designed to communicate with the video Good Night. The artists involved are: Davide Allieri, Cinzia Benigni, Filippo Berta, DZT collective, Oscar Giaconia, Daniele Maffeis, Andrea Mastrovito, Giovanni Oberti, Francesco Pedrini, Maria Francesca Tassi.




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The Festival BAM, Biennial Mediterranean Archipelago opens in Palermo on 24 February at 17.30 with Liu bolin Migrants

The Chinese artist Liu Bolin, focusing his work on the question of identity, in his first shots had denounced the abuse suffered by the Chinese authorities, guilty to have destroyed the artistic district which included. He was born in 1973 in the northern province of Shandong (China), Liu Bolin trained at Central Academy of applied arts in the school of Sui Jianguo; Liu belongs to the generation who became an adult in the early 90 's, when China resources from the ashes of the cultural revolution and began a rapid economic growth and relative political stability. Liu Bolin is best known for his series of images of performance Hiding in the City that touches universal themes in the relationship between man and nature and between thought and political power.

In mostra ai Cantieri della Zisa le opere realizzate a Catania, in cui l'artista, attraverso l’accurato body painting dei suoi assistenti, si fonde letteralmente con lo sfondo, fino a risultare invisibile, in questo caso tra i barconi della speranza. Protagonisti delle foto anche decine di migranti provenienti dal Cara di Mineo e da altri centri di accoglienza della Regione, dipinti del blu della bandiera europea o color della sabbia delle spiagge su cui approdano.


‚ÄčTimetables: from 24 of February to 17 of March 2017

‚Äč                    from Monday to Sunday. Free admission.





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The meeting is part of the series of events organized by Artefiera from 2011, with the aim to invoke the major protagonists of the international held weeks between 1977 and 1982 at the Galleria Comunale d'Arte moderna, then located at the Fairgrounds, and financed for the most part by Ente Fiere.

These famous events were by the proposer, ably assisted by Francesca Abbar and Roberto Daolio, unfortunately both missing, and therefore these manifestations become also a fitting tribute to their memory.The main character whom the next giveaway is the viennese Hermann Nitsch, the celebrated founder of the Orgien-und-Misterien Theater, consisting of great performances aimed at staging of "mysteries", but designed with an irreverent, to obtain some sort of "black masses", designed to achieve fair to bring to light the negative and destructive impulses lie dormant in each of us even Freudian teaching, in order to achieve a catharsis, a release from the negative and harmful obsessions differently. In particular, the very first edition of the Settimane, besides going famous to Marina and Ulay, involved naked in the doorway of the Gallery of modern art, was marked by huge performance organized by Nitsch in the former Church of Santa Lucia, at that time in a state of great ruin.

As mentioned in previous occasions, also in this case there will be an intense dialogue, with the help of a translator, the germanist of the our University Roberto Rizzo, between the artist and the curator Barilli aimed at rebuilding, with the help of audiovisual material, the main steps of the career of Nitsch.
The auditorium Enzo Biagi limits may not be exceeded by 200 seats, which will be accessed by invitation, in part distributed by the University's public relations Office, in part by the Department of arts.

Free admission by invitation until availability


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Tornabuoni Art London is pleased to announce the first UK retrospective of Italian artist Emilio Isgrò from 8th of Frebraury 2017. One of the great innovators of the artistic language in post-war Italy, Isgrò offers a different perspective on the country’s artistic panorama to what has been shown in the UK before. Tornabuoni is taking this opportunity to broaden its focus beyond the Spatialist and Arte Povera avant-gardes and consider the role of one of the main proponents of Visual Poetry and precursor of international conceptual art since the early 1960s. 

As befits the London chapter of this retrospective travelling between Milan, London and Paris, the exhibition will open with the Encyclopaedia Britannica, whose 24 volumes Isgrò deleted in 1969. This installation, monumental by its size and undertaking, was presented by Tornabuoni at Art Basel Unlimited 2016 and epitomises the artist’s trademark deletion technique, with which he painstakingly strikes through text and image by hand with India ink. While his work evokes historic iconoclastic practices and more recent acts of censorship and misinformation, Isgrò nonetheless regards his deletions as a creative endeavour rather than a destructive one.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a new scholarly catalogue published by Forma Edizioni and edited by Marco Bazzini, with texts by Luca Massimo Barbero, Andrea Bellini, Michele Bonuomo, Mathieu Copeland and the artist himself. The volume will retrace Isgrò’s artistic career and provide a deeper understanding of the themes that lie at the core of the artist’s practice.


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The Dallas Biennial 2016 (DB16) has officially announced that for its third installment, instead of staging a city-wide, months-long survey of regional and international artists (which it did last time), it will exclusively host and present the work of Hermann Nitsch and Teresa Margolles, starting December 31 at The Box Company in Dallas.

Nitsch, 78, is of course a co-founder of the brutal and controversial 1960s movement we know and love as Viennese Actionism. Margolles is a Mexican conceptual and performance artist and founder of the artist collective SEMEFO; her work deals with social violence and death. Featuring these two international heavy hitters is a fresh move for DB16, whose founders are Dallas-based artists and curators Michael Mazurek and Jesse Morgan Barnett.

DB16 writes that it will “present one of the most  comprehensive exhibitions of Nitsch’s art to be seen in the U.S,” and will include his paintings, videos, and much documentation of his 147 performances to date. For DB16, Margolles will “present site-specific, object-based and performative works which furthers her research in victimology, socioeconomics and class distinctions.” Both artists will be in attendance on December 31.


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The Curatorial Collective composed by students of the sixth edition of the Luiss Master of Art Master's degree, under the guidance of Achille Bonito Oliva (Scientific Director of the Master), presents the exhibition SUBLIMINA.
The exhibition, organized and supported by the LUISS Creative Business Center and promoted by Rome City Council, Department of cultural growth-Capital of cultural heritage Monuments, takes place from 15 December to 10 January, in the charming rooms of the Museum of the walls at Porta San Sebastiano.
The project aims to give visual form to a reflection on the concept of border, at a time in history when the question of invalicabilità and redefinition of old and new geopolitical borders is manifested in all its problems.
The randomness of the borders, marks from man to create a demarcation between the self and the other, are investigated by the curatorial collective through the works of fifteen artists active on the national and international scene. The current theme of the border is dealt with not only in its geopolitical component, but also philosophical and anthropological.

A fluid path through the spaces of ancient walls between sound and video installations, photos, paintings and sculptures by Liu Bolin, Silvia Camporesi, Loris Cecchini, Luca di Luzio, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Henry LIM, Eva Marisaldi, Marzia Migliora, flame Montezemolo, Ariel Orozco, Alessandro Piangiamore, Pietro Ruffo, The Cool Couple, Glenn Weyant, Marco Maria Zanin.

LUISS Master of Art students have taken care of all the planning and organizational processes of the exhibition, from concept to choice of artists, exhibition designs, catalogue, communication.




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It is from 2014 that Andrea Mastrovito , aided by an army of assistants, are drawing by hand and animating the famous film Nosferatu of Friedrich W. Murnau of 1922, itself an adaptation of Dracula , the novel Bram Stoker . His goal is to finish it as soon as possible to bring to light - between August and September in New York - NYsferatu , an ambitious public art project that combines film, music and social commitment, which aims to present a report and intense biting rights of immigrants in the world today: " in practice, Murnau's Nosferatu, completely redesigned by hand, moved to the New York of today - says the artist from Bergamo - and re-told in a way that the simple story of two lovers undermined by the vampire actually become a kind of brief history of the 21st century, with the city witnessing the incredibly asleep events . " The NYsferatu of Mastrovito - soon we will return to talk about Artribune with an article wider - will in fact set in the Big Apple with the iconic Freedom Tower looming in every scene, to evoke the contemporary fears of the Other, associated with an America post -11 in September, and with each new background drawn three times to be able to replicate the beautiful and mysterious flickering shutter effect of early cinema.

A finished project, the artist and his assistants will have created more than 35 thousand original designs to produce this animated feature. " A team of more than twenty people is at work every day for months and months - continues Mastrovito -, we are finding incredible findings here in New York and missing the last to find funds with Kickstarter ". The campaign, just playing and active until January 12, which provides several benefits (from the coloring book to a limited number of incisions made ad hoc) would also allow a series of workshops in which groups of immigrants would discuss the film and its implications, rewriting of the captions of the silent film and bringing their own experience of expatriates who seek to rebuild their lives in a new country, often crossing huge barriers of xenophobia and racism. " As you can see the project is huge - adds Mastrovito - and More Art, New York-based non-profit organization with which I am working, we hope to reach $ 20 thousand missing to be able to realize a dream: to project NYsferatu in ten different nights in September, them for free in parks and theaters in New York, each time with the soundtrack with music live . "




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"La Lettura" and Foundazione Corriere della Sera have organized at the Milan’s Triennale, from November 19 to December 11, an exhibition entitled ‚ÄčPhotoStories: Reportage, Art, News. Stories Told Through Images in the Cultural Supplement of the Corriere della Sera with the portfolios and photographic covers which have been published in the journal supplement over the past five years, curated by Gianluigi Colin and Antonio Troiano.

An engaging journey through photographs which speak of our life and artistic explorations. The language of photography celebrates at best the testimony, documentation and reinterpretation of reality, bringing us into a single gallery master photographers, from Aurelio Amendola to Monika Bulaj, Mauro Fiorese and Fabio Cuttica, from Mario Dondero to Gabriele Basilico, Mario Cresci and Franco Fontana. But also the studios of artists in New York photographed by Marco Anelli, the seaweed gatherers on the coast of Zanzibar captured on film by Danilo De Marco, Mimmo Jodice’s empty spaces and the rescued children of the Mediterranean portrayed by Fabrizio Villa. There are also poets captured in their  everyday activities by Carlo Bavagnoli and the confrontation between old and new technologies as afforded by Samuele Pellecchia’s iPhone camera and Gianni Berenco Gardin’s Leica.

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Andrea Matrovito is in the shortlist of the Fondazione VAF Prize 2016. The show includes works by Alice Cattaneo, Michael Fliri, Paolo Chiasera, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Gianni Politi, Luigi Presicce and few others. Mastrovito presents three brand new works expressly realized for the show together with the big installation BIG C33 (2015).

The Prize has been presented in three different exhibition sites in Italy and Germany: the MACRO Testaccio in Rome, the Stadtgalerie in Kiel and at the end at  the Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz in Germany, where the show will be exposed until February 12th 2017.

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The submerged city, its destroyed workshops and the books immersed in the mud. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the flood in Florence, MUS.E presents “Alfabeti Sommersi”, a unique initiative to remember the flood days and make a creative reflection on the themes of the book and historical memory.

An original and addictive documentary film, that includes unseen images and colour images by Beppe Fantacci, will be projected on the beautiful recesses of Sala d’Arme and will smartly show what happened during those terrible days. Fantacci had an important role during the flood days: he created a microcredit system, the so called “ALFA fund” supported by American industrial and commercial companies. The fund helped  quickly and efficiently the artisan activities of the city. A contemporary art exhibition will support the film with art works of two famous contemporary artists: Emilio Isgrò and Anselm Kiefer and their artistic productions focused on books, the same symbols of Florence flood. "Alfabeti Sommersi", a project by Marco Bazzini and Sergio Risaliti, will begin in Sala d’Arme in Palazzo Vecchio the first of November until November 13, 2016 from 11am to 7pm with free admission.

The exhibition includes eight art works of the named artists because the books are the key element of the itinerary. In fact, hundreds of books were invaded by river Arno in the Florence Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale and in many other historic libraries, destroying the city’s artistic and historic heritage and its extraordinary value. The two symbols became icons of this tragic event and they are universally recognized: the Crucifix by Cimabue in the Basilica di Santa Croce, irremediably damaged during November 4, 1966 and the book, the other object of the artistic heritage that was one of the main victim of the flood in Florence. Among the vast production of Kiefer and Isgrò, the book definitely represents an object of great value as it is full of universal and human meanings.



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Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of Mauro Fiorese. Over the course of 25 years, Fiorese has amassed an oeuvre that has captured many things including unanticipated beauty, the overlooked peculiarities and even the intangible. Most recently the series Treasure Rooms reveals the labyrinthine storage rooms of prominent Italian museums and galleries. In this series vivacious oil paintings and gilded frames are at odds with the near clinical rooms in which they are stored. Initially being met with such a scene is shocking, but upon further study there is an ordered beauty to these halls. In another series Fiorese focuses on subject matter that is less identifiable. U.Pho.S (Unidentified Photographic Subjects) turns mundane objects into alien apparitions that will leave you questioning the reality you are presented with. Fascinated with illustrating shared experiences, the series Eureka poetically captures the visual representation of an idea by employing light as a vital element in each of these images to capture each subjects’ “small epiphany."

Mauro Fiorese’s Treasure Room series will be debuting in the gallery this fall with an exhibition opening September 8th. Fiorese’s photographs are included in permanent collections of major institutions around the world including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France; the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy; and the Centro Internazionale di fotografia Scavi Scaligeri, Verona, Italy. His latest series Treasure Rooms was awarded the 2015 CODICE MIA Award. Most recently Fiorese was invited to contribute to the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland along with 40 other world cultural leaders. The artist lives and works in Verona, Italy.


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Saturday, May 21 Hermann Nitsch was awarded in Asolo for a successful career, to grant the award, the jury of the fourth edition of the Biennale of Asolo.

The artist, very close to Asolo territory where for certain periods resides. Nitsch is present among the side events of the Prize with an exhibition of his works at the convent of SS. Peter and Paul.

Info: Asolo Biennal 2016

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Boxart gallery will be present at Art Paris 2016, from March 30 to April 3, booth E23.

Opening on invitation March 30. 

Boxart decided to show visions of what is supposed to be the temple of art, the Museum, based on different ideas of four artists represented by the gallery. At the Galleria Borghese in Rome the Chinese artist Liu Bolin "met" Paolina Borghese by Antonio Canova and decided to disappear into that sculpture. For the Austrian master Hermann Nitsch, a museum space is like a theatre in which can perform his actions. For Mauro Fiorese the artworks displayed in the museum rooms are strictly tied to the ones hidden. Since 2014 he has portrayed the storages of the most important Italian museums. In Marco Cingolani's painting "Museo Lapidario Maffeiano (The red recapture the ancient white)", the red color, loved by Italian artist, reclaims a column archaic that stands out in its whiteness.Boxart decided to show visions of what is supposed to be the temple of art, the Museum, based on different ideas of four artists represented by the gallery. At the Galleria Borghese in Rome the Chinese artist Liu Bolin "met" Paolina Borghese by Antonio Canova and decided to disappear into that sculpture. For the Austrian master Hermann Nitsch, a museum space is like a theatre in which can perform his actions. For Mauro Fiorese the artworks displayed in the museum rooms are strictly tied to the ones hidden. Since 2014 he has portrayed the storages of the most important Italian museums. In Marco Cingolani's painting "Museo Lapidario Maffeiano (The red recapture the ancient white)", the red color, loved by Italian artist, reclaims a column archaic that stands out in its whiteness.

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The artists on show in the exhibition at the Palazzo Aldovrandi Montanari in Via Galliera N°8, Bologna, from 21 January to 21 February 2016, include Hermann Nitsch, one of the founders of the Viennese Actionism movement and the creator of Das Orgien Mysterien Theater (the Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries), which inextricably combines life, art, philosophy, music, theatre and painting.

Two galleries are devoted to works by Nitsch, the Sala Verde with two of his most important drawings: The Last Supper (1976-79) and The Deposition in the Sepulchre (2007). Two key moments in the life of Christ, in which it is the humanity of the Son of God that prevails, they reveal the essence of the Viennese master's creative process, representing human existence in its two Apollonian and Dionysian, spiritual and sensual aspects. This is how the artist describes the Eucharist, which fascinates him for the way it fuses body and soul: «starting out from the truth of the cross, I have always seen a link with greek tragedy: christ is the hero who fails but who succeeds in redemption, undergoing resurrection, the blood sacrifice of his death on the cross is transfigured and sublimated in the bloodless repetition of his sacrifice through the celebration of mass. his flesh and his blood become the food which gives eternal life to all of us. his sacrifice must be celebrated during the eucharist in order to take up the path of the sublimation of all sacrifices. (from The Last Supper by Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, 2000).

In the Central Hall of the Palazzo, eight large canvases (each of them two by three metres), form a rhomboid, creating a sort of cell at the centre of the room, on which colours of various consistencies are splashed, spread, dripped and poured from above. The works also include two red canvases made in 2012 for Nitsch's 64th Malaktion (Action-painting) at MART museum in Rovereto and shown the following year at the Museo Archeologico in St Mark's Square, during the 55th Venice Biennale. These works fulfil the Wagnerian ideal of the total work of art – a complex ensemble of outcome and process – which has always inspired Nitsch.

Admission to the event is free of charge, and it is put on by The Francis Bacon Collection in collaboration with the Hermann Nitsch Archive in Vienna and the Boxart gallery in Verona.


Crucifixions. Francis Bacon, Hermann Nitsch, Concetto Pozzati

21 January – 21 February 2016

Palazzo Aldrovandi Montanari, Via Galliera 8 - Bologna -

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Music-Editor and Moderator Albert Hosp and Hermann Nitsch talk about Nitsch`s Music.

Nov 08, 2015 from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Artist Talk with Hermann Nitsch about the most important influences (from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, up to Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler, Schönberg and Scrjabin) for his own music. Samples of the influence pieces and Hermann Nitschs music will be played and discussed.

After the speech of the artist, a wine tasting will be offered.

Event limited availability, registration needed.
Free shuttle Vienna - Mistelbach - Vienna

PHONE: +43676640 35 54

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'In the darkroom with Steve Sabella' public on Vimeo

'In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella' has been made public on Vimeo.
Check it out!

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