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The artists on show in the exhibition at the Palazzo Aldovrandi Montanari in Via Galliera N°8, Bologna, from 21 January to 21 February 2016, include Hermann Nitsch, one of the founders of the Viennese Actionism movement and the creator of Das Orgien Mysterien Theater (the Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries), which inextricably combines life, art, philosophy, music, theatre and painting.

Two galleries are devoted to works by Nitsch, the Sala Verde with two of his most important drawings: The Last Supper (1976-79) and The Deposition in the Sepulchre (2007). Two key moments in the life of Christ, in which it is the humanity of the Son of God that prevails, they reveal the essence of the Viennese master's creative process, representing human existence in its two Apollonian and Dionysian, spiritual and sensual aspects. This is how the artist describes the Eucharist, which fascinates him for the way it fuses body and soul: «starting out from the truth of the cross, I have always seen a link with greek tragedy: christ is the hero who fails but who succeeds in redemption, undergoing resurrection, the blood sacrifice of his death on the cross is transfigured and sublimated in the bloodless repetition of his sacrifice through the celebration of mass. his flesh and his blood become the food which gives eternal life to all of us. his sacrifice must be celebrated during the eucharist in order to take up the path of the sublimation of all sacrifices. (from The Last Supper by Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, 2000).

In the Central Hall of the Palazzo, eight large canvases (each of them two by three metres), form a rhomboid, creating a sort of cell at the centre of the room, on which colours of various consistencies are splashed, spread, dripped and poured from above. The works also include two red canvases made in 2012 for Nitsch's 64th Malaktion (Action-painting) at MART museum in Rovereto and shown the following year at the Museo Archeologico in St Mark's Square, during the 55th Venice Biennale. These works fulfil the Wagnerian ideal of the total work of art – a complex ensemble of outcome and process – which has always inspired Nitsch.

Admission to the event is free of charge, and it is put on by The Francis Bacon Collection in collaboration with the Hermann Nitsch Archive in Vienna and the Boxart gallery in Verona.


Crucifixion. Francis Bacon, Hermann Nitsch, Concetto Pozzati

January 21 – February 21, 2016

Palazzo Aldrovandi Montanari, Via Galliera 8 - Bologna (ITALY)


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Andrea Mastrovito und 'La Linea Sottile': f├╝r Poste Italiane die Nummer eins

Dieses Jahr hat Poste Italiane in Zusammenarbeit mit SPIRITO DUE-Giubilarte 6 italienische Künstler engagiert, die aus dem zeitgenössischen Panorama gewählt worden sind, um das historische Gelbe Paket in ihrem Stil neu zu interpretieren.

Andrea Mastrovito, Künstler aus Bergamo; bei der diesjährigen Veranstaltung 2014 wurde seinem Werk  La Linea Sottile der erste Preis zuerkannt.

Mit seinem Beitrag will der Künstler eine groβe Reise rund um das Thema Schachtel schaffen, und zwar durch die Darstellung vielfältiger Figuren, die die Flächen des Pakets beleben. Diese zusammengesetzten Figuren, wofür mehr als einhundert Originalzeichnungen verwendet worden sind, die durch ein Band miteinander verflochten sind, bilden eine unendliche Kette. Eine Geschichte, hinter der sich Personen, Völker und unterschiedliche Welten verstecken, die durch eine “feine Linie” verbunden sind, die die Schachtel wie das Band einer Geschenkpackung umgibt.

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